Minutes from January 2012 Meeting

Ludlow Community Association
Annual Meeting, January 17, 2012

The meeting was called to order by the chair, Gwen Chapman at 7:15 p.m. She reminded the members that this would be a voting meeting to elect officers.

Gary Katz moved that the minutes of the last meeting be approved as presented. Motion passed.

Ballots were distributed to attendees along with a map of the Ludlow area, the association by-laws and constitution.

Gwen announced that the Nominating Committee asked all the nominees to be working members of the board, and all agreed. Other candidates can be nominated from the floor. The slate was put together with the goal of helping the community association to grow; everyone will serve on a committee. The Ludlow Community has a national reputation and we would like to strengthen the Association.

Paulanita Barker invited people to join in the promenade as LCA representatives at the Shaker Heights Centennial kick-off event at the High School. The neighborhood associations will process around the auditorium at the conclusion of the program. She reported that the video with community members singing looks really great.

Gwen announced that the Shaker Arts Council wants to display art in Ludlow in the spring. She is on the Arts Council Board and will have more details at a later date.

Sadly, Gwen reported that we lost SHAD liaison, Rezina Banks who passed away recently, leaving a 14-year old grandson who now lives with his disabled uncle. We were all saddened by her passing. LCA members have made individual contributions to her grandson’s education fund, but the executive board would like to make a donation from the association in memory of Rezina, in lieu of flowers. The contribution would come out of the Youth Fund. Paulanita asked if the LCA assembly will vote on a donation to be given to the youngster from the Youth Fund.

Gwen said that the Executive Board is authorized to give up to $35 or $50 without approval of the general assembly.

There was some discussion around the contribution and the Youth Fund. The money in the Youth Fund came from a fundraising event held by the Shaker Arts Council on behalf of Kevin McDermott after he was attacked. The proceeds are to be used to benefit area youth. Although Rezina did not reside in Ludlow she actively promoted the area. The donation toward her grandson’s tuition would honor her memory.

Maggie Carlson moved that the Association match the amount collected from individuals and send it to Detwan’s charter school to help cover his tuition. The money should come from the LCA Youth Fund.  The motion was seconded by Penny Croom and passed unanimously.

Shaker Heights Crime Prevention Officer and friend of the Ludlow community, Gerald Jankowski, announced his retirement from the police department and his role in the association as of January 2. He read his letter of resignation and introduced Commander John Cole who will take his place as community liaison.

Officer Jankowski reported that there were no incidents of major crime in Ludlow in 2011; in 2010 the only major incident was an automobile death. He commended residents for taking charge and calling the police when they observed anything suspicious. He reminded people to fill out a card with the police (491-1220) if a resident is going away. Do NOT cancel newspaper delivery or the mail; ask a trusted neighbor to pick them up for you instead. Also, don’t leave personal property in your car.

He suggested that residents call 491-1230 if they’re putting an alarm system in, or check the website for approved companies. He also recommends establishing Block Watches, with meetings every other month.

Jerry will help Commander Cole during the transition. Commander Cole said he is available 24/7/365! He comes to Shaker from Cleveland where he worked as a police officer, lawyer, and prosecutor. He spent 18 years with the Cleveland force where he worked in internal affairs and with special victims. He invited people to call him at 491.1225 or email john.cole@shakeronline.com.

Gwen reported a successful Christmas party and thanked Julie Donaldson for chairing the event and collecting canned goods. Fifty-five pounds of food were donated to the Cleveland Food Bank. LCA is always proud to reach out to help those in need.

Gwen is on the board of SHAD and was upset about the lack of disclosure regarding its merger with Buckeye Area Development Corporation (BADC). Funding is going to BADC rather than SHAD because SHAD’s direction has not been as strong.

Brian Siggers arrived at the LCA meeting after a gathering of BADC and SHAD members. He reported that it was a positive meeting and that Joel Ratner admitted that the two groups probably should have meet much sooner – maybe even last year.

Gwen will keep LCA informed of the merger and will try to get someone from NPI and BADC to speak at the next meeting.

Penny Croom said that we don’t have to go through a Community Development Corporation (CDC) for funding because we have our own 501(C) 3. We should write NPI with our concerns about the merger and that we won’t support it.

Gwen reminded the group that in the past the annual meeting was a dinner meeting, but that practice had change in the last few years. The fiscal year runs from September 1 – August 31.

She presented the slate and announced that voting members can 1.) Add another name (there is room for additional candidates) or 2.) Nominate someone from the floor.

Louis Barker asked who was on the nominating committee because he felt things weren’t done quite right in the past. Gwen responded that she served on the committee, along with Susan Rotatori, Luiz Coelho and Ken Kovach. They were appointed by Gwen, as co-president and vice president.

Mr. Barker moved to throw the slate out; motion seconded by Paulanita Barker. Motion failed to pass.

Added to ballot were:
Paulanita Barker, as co-president representing the Cleveland part of Ludlow
Louis Barker, as vice president representing the Cleveland part of Ludlow

Ballots were collected and tabulated.

Paulanita Barker said she attended a meeting with Coral Group and that they want to put a lot of money into Shaker Square. She suggested we approach them and open our hands. Additionally, the apartment owners are investing a lot of money in their buildings and landscaping.

Results of the election were announced (asterisks indicate elected persons):

Co-president, Shaker: Mary Ann Kovach 14*
Co-president, Cleveland: Gwen Chapman 13*
Paulanita Barker 8

Vice-president (4 positions):
Penny Croom 17*
Bill Williams 11*
Judy Pate-Shields 13*
Juanetta Hughes 11*
Louis Barker 6

Recording Secretary: Harriet Niles 16*

Corresponding Secretary: Mildred Foster 18*

Treasurer: Susan Rotatori 16*

Delegate-at-large (5 positions):
Gary Katz 14*
Ramona Lowery 16*
Kevin McDermott 16*
Diane Karpinski 19*
Ken Kovach 19*

Motion to adjourn was made by Maggie Carlson at 9:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ann Kovach

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