Shaker Heights Forms Climate Change Task Force

The City of Shaker Heights has recently formed a Climate Change Task Force. The Task Force is chaired by Council Member Julianna Johnston Senturia and other members are Anne Williams (Member of Council), Sean Malone (newly elected to Council), Nancy King Smith, Neil Dick, and Norman Robbins.

The Task Force made a preliminary report to the City’s Safety & Public Works Committee on November 6. This report followed the September 16 Town Hall Forum on “Building a Resilient City,” which was put together by the Task Force.

Preliminary recommendations for individuals to help reduce the impact of climate change include the following:

  1. Join the “ReadyNotify” System to be alerted to emergency situations
  2. Consider joining CERT, the City’s Community Emergency Response Team, which helps the City deal with various emergencies (call Sandi Hurley at 216-491-1481)
  3. Check your sewer laterals going to street main sewers for any blockages
  4. Plant trees and landscaping to absorb water
  5. Use calculator to estimate your major sources of individual carbon dioxide emissions
  6. Cut Green House Gas (GHG) emissions by 13% per household by switching to NOPEC’s electric fixed rate 100% renewable energy plan (call 800-292-9284)
  7. Reduce energy use through use of low energy bulbs (LED, Halogen or CFL), install a smart thermostat, and purchase ENERGY STAR appliances
  8. Consider insulation investment options throughout your home
  9. Become informed on what and how to recycle correctly.

The final report will include further recommendations for individuals as well as recommendations as to what the city government can do. The report is expected to be released in December.


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