Neighborhood News To Share

Good news to share – the long-abandoned large house at 3112 Albion Road (corner of Southington & Albion roads) is approved for demolition.

The Ludlow Community Association (LCA) has been involved for many years in trying to get this property’s demolition approval.  The final step in the process was the City of Cleveland’s Landmarks Commission’s approval for demolition which they did at a meeting last Thursday.   A number of neighbors, community members, LCA representatives, and other supporting organizations’ representatives were at the meeting giving their testimony, reading letters, and voicing support.  Commission members were impressed with the strong support and effort to get this resolved.

LCA – working for the community!

One response to “Neighborhood News To Share

  1. Miriam McKibben

    So sad, I lived in that house as a child in the ‘70’s, it was a beautiful house. Too sad it was abandoned and became an eyesore.